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Top Gear Features Plasan’s SandCat Armored Vehicle in Online, Print and International Versions of the Popular BBC Magazine

Aug 24, 2016 7:23:36 AM / by Yaron Roded

Tom Ford of BBC’s Top Gear recently visited Plasan to get a peek at the Company’s technology and to see the SandCat armored vehicle for himself.

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Plasan to Demonstrate its Industry-leading Armor & Survivability Technologies at Eurosatory 2016

May 26, 2016 6:06:10 AM / by Yael Viesel

Eurosatory 2016 is expected to match – if not surpass – the excitement of past conferences, and once again showcase the most innovative defense and security solutions.

Plasan is excited to have two display booths at the popular exhibition, which will be held June 13-17 in Paris. The booths will feature products and will highlight Plasan’s unique ability to partner with OEMs in designing and manufacturing custom requirements and specifications that offer tactical superiority in even in the most challenging missions.

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The Need for Armored Vehicles in Africa

Apr 5, 2016 3:41:13 AM / by Yaron Roded

Taking on terrorist organizations is a complicated and dangerous task. As threats expand across the globe, world powers are working hard to identify strategies capable of effectively containing and pushing back threats. When it comes to securing Africa from such threats, the acquisition and deployment of powerful 4X4 armored vehicles is a particular area of focus.

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Gearing Up for Defexpo India

Mar 20, 2016 11:06:32 AM / by Ezer Yaacobi

Defexpo India is India largest Defense exhibition with over 23 companies from 32 countries with various solution providers and defense delegations from around the world.

Plasan is proud to take part in the growing success of Defexpo India, and will use the opportunity to again demonstrate its own fast track to success as the top provider of armor solutions during the ninth edition, to be held March 28-31 in Goa.

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Armored Vehicles: It’s All about Strength, Safety and Simplicity

Feb 11, 2016 6:55:00 AM / by Nir Kahn

Imagine needing instructions to open a vehicle door. Now, imagine struggling to read those instructions at night – as you’re trying to escape enemy fire.

Fantastical as that may seem, it’s a reality for soldiers who have to follow several steps to simply open a door on many military vehicles. The most elementary step to entering a vehicle is oddly a difficult action for men and women who are in harm’s way and need to quickly move out of a trouble zone.

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Meet Plasan: Conversations on Custom Survivability Solutions

Feb 2, 2016 3:38:45 AM / by Michal Rosenzweig

For over 30 years, Plasan’s vehicle survivability solutions have saved lives, bolstered security, and seen missions through to success around the globe.  

Plasan has provided more than 30,000 armor solutions to armed forces and security organizations worldwide, including NATO, the U.S. military, European armored vehicle programs and the Australian Defence Force.

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